Robert M. and Ricki Conway Endowment for Excellence for the Performing Arts


The Robert M. and Ricki Conway Endowment for Excellence for the Performing Arts was established in 2007 in order create the Robert M. and Ricki Conway Dance Series to enhance dance performance offerings within the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center, with a focused goal of broadening the audience for such performances. The center celebrates the human spirit through the performing and cinematic arts, which connect, stimulate, and enrich both campus and the local community.

Among other initiatives, the Conway Endowment brought to campus the MOMIX dance company during Fall 2013, who performed their Botanica to a sold out crowd at the center. Botanica musically moves through representations of nature, revealing the constant change inherent in the environment. With a musical score ranging from birdsong to Vivaldi, the performance was at once organic and dynamic, toeing the line between fantasy and decidedly earthly imagery. Puppetry and projections intertwined with sunlight, flowers blooming, and animals roaming the stage, while the dancers moved with in step with the fluidity of nature.

Robert M. and Ricki Conway are great champions of Arts and Letters at Notre Dame, with two other Endowments for Excellence, an endowed directorship, and a library collection within the Medieval Institute. Robert (’66), a senior director with Goldman Sachs in London, is a Trustee, and serves on both the Ireland and Performing Arts Advisory Councils.